What I’ve learned about Creativity and Entrepreneurship thus Far…

Aleesa Toman
2 min readOct 18, 2020
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  1. Ideas are the seeds of entrepreneurship, but they need to be properly nurtured to grow into anything.
  2. Creativity comes easiest when I’m having an in-the-moment great experience, doing fun things, and I’m in a go-with-the-flow mindset.
  3. Creativity DOES NOT flourish when I try to force it and plan it. It’s by chance and from the heart. The key to creativity is to begin to realize when I’m in the right space to be creative and own the moments.
  4. How I create the creative space described in #2 if I’m at home….

I clean my apartment. I listen to uplifting music and I sometimes dance or move to the music to get a full-body feeling of positive emotion. (I like the 10+ minute versions of positive music most… these are very helpful for getting into a state. I’ve linked an example at the bottom of this article). Watch a movie or youtube that evokes emotions (informational based watches don’t seem to work for me to get into a space of creativity though). Bake or cook something I love. Look around my apartment and cherish and awe the space I’ve made for myself. Think of anything positive. Look for beauty. THEN, I sit in a positive space. Hold onto it, and I begin from this state.

5. Focusing too much on building a following or being liked will destroy my creativity and motivation faster than a cheetah looking for its next meal! So, if I get into this space mentally…. I have to change it the soonest as possible.

I’ve started to structure my marketing and space to analyze this into a designated time-frame to this and only this. Then, I try to be really objective and goal-driven afterward. I try NOT to let myself overthink and worry afterward. It’s really hard for me to do because I’m overly critical of myself and just want so badly for things to progress.

Being go-with-the-flow, learning to toot your own horn, NOT care what others may or may not be thinking about what you do (hint: they probably don’t even care…. because people are usually focused on themselves and their goals), and learning how to evoke and work from emotional spaces is important for entrepreneurship and creativity.

Note: I’ll be continuing to update this article with more lessons as they come. This is a nice start for this morning. :-)

Example of a 10+ minute version of positive music that is very helpful for getting into a positive, creative state:

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