Progress on “The Finances of my Life” book I’m writing…

Aleesa Toman
2 min readJan 20, 2020

As we begin 2020, I’ve started to think about the book idea I’ve had. I’m not one to sit and write on a strict schedule and because of this, this process to write a full-length book has proven harder than I thought.

I’m more of a “when I get into the feeling” hyper-style of writer! So, I’ve decided I’m going to embrace this, and I’ll be taking “writing vacations” to hyper-focus and make it a big deal for myself because whenever I’m on a vacation — I’m always in the feeling to write! It’s the different environment and maybe the relaxation that makes it. It’s all about the “feels” for me. I can’t write when prompted even if it’s a schedule of my own making. ha.

My plan is to self-publish my book by mid-2021. However, the soonest release goal, if I can get myself into a groove and going, is by the end of this year.

Luckily, I have a support system and inspirational environment for this goal as I took Fiona Ferris’ author course and am still in her Facebook group. Fiona has been my inspiration for the whole blog and my writing hobby since the beginning. It was reading her blog “ How to be Chic” that got me inspired. Fiona as well as Shannon Ables from the blog The Simply Luxurious Life have been my role models. 🙂

Here below is my draft outline and start to the book. You can come here anytime back to this post, and the links will show the live-progress. This helps me as well because sharing this post about my progress or even the idea gets me motivated and makes this feel as a reality. 🙂

Chapter 1 — Grandpa’s End-of-Life Spending Wisdom Among Other Keys to Life

Chapter 2 — You’ll want Toys as an Adult too, but be your own inner Mom and Jean

Chapter 3 — The Salsbury-Steak Phone Call from Dad

Chapter 4 — The Detroit-Rooster on a Rooftop — Lessons on Being Self-Reliant

Chapter 5 — Selling my College Books to Pay for Gas to Class — The Day I had Enough

Chapter 6 — The Detroit Studio Apartment — We didn’t have much, but we were still happy.

Chapter 7 — Dumpster Diving in Detroit for Vegetables — They were grand!

Chapter 8 — The Day I Applied for Food-stamps one College Summer

Chapter 9 — My McDonalds Career — I miss some things now; be appreciative of where you’re at.

Chapter 10 — The Old Clunker Cars that Got me Through Rough Times & Oh, the Stories!

More Chapters to Come!

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