20 Ways to Make Your Life Rich and Beautiful

Aleesa Toman
8 min readOct 7, 2020
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1. Find contentment and see the beauty in the way things are now.

It’s ok to have goals and ambitions, but not at the detriment of finding contentment in the here and now.

Yes, this is very hard sometimes. There is, especially now it seems, a constant urge to do more and be more. We should be able to separate our goals and ambitions from the current life we have and know each one’s place in our lives in a beautiful balance. It will make life so refreshing.

While we may want to fix or improve our lives, our lives are what they are NOW and that’s ok. We all have a unique beauty in our current lives however they may be right now.

Learn to accept, be content, and find beauty in the here and now. However, have goals and ambitions while embracing change.

Balance is key.

2. Read

Subscribe to blogs, newsletters, publications, magazines, or other reading sources that inspire, teach you wisdom, and/or bring beauty into your life.

The key is that they must be of value to you in some way.

Omit and stay away from those that aren’t of value to you. If you don’t, they will become burdens in your life.

3. Reflect on your experiences — at least weekly if not daily.

Start out with weekly to get you started.

What has happened this week? How is this helping me to become a better person, help others to become better, and what are the key takeaways for my life?

These observations and reflections are truly beautiful. They will add to your life.

4. Learn and remember what your simple pleasures are in life.

For example and help with this, visit my Medium article “Life’s Simple Pleasures”.

Quoted from the post, simple pleasures “…are simple things we like and are passionate about in life. This can even be as detailed as the smells, sights, and foods among many other simple and sometimes overlooked details in our life that evoke happiness and joy.”

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